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Rappelz BOT

Rappelz Bot Download

-Auto fights monsters near your character
**NOTE: The bot uses the TAB button to target and has a limited range due to this.

-Turns the camera view **V12.4 and older
**NOTE: The bot changes from the Rappelz window to the Bot window to accomplish this.

**V12.5 and newer - Camera turning removed - now moves West and East (maintaining a rectangular field) to find more mobs when it is unable to target anything it can attack.

-Monitors both the Player and Pet#1 health and will heal each when below a set HP% set by a slider control. The targeted healer function only works outside of battle. Pet or Player can be set as main healer for this.

-capable of using self-healing spells on player during battle. Pet self-healing during battle is only possible with a pet with a self healing spell... IE, Yeti

-Auto-Buffs player and pet with a complete array of options like cast time and recast timers. Capable of using self buffs and targeted buffs casted by the Player, Pet, and even pet only buffs that are breeder casted.

-Can use a pulling attack

-Can use chips before attacking. Chips can also be reused during battle and have an adjustable recast timer.

-Pet and Player casted attack skills can be used during battle with fully adjustable cast delays and recast timers.

-Will not attack known bot-traps (known means it is in the bot-trap tab) and a backup attempts a new target if you do not cause damage after a set delay.

What do all of the nubers mean?

|3000| cast delay in miliseconds
The four digit number is always the ammount of time it takes to cast a spell in miliseconds... 1000ms = 1sec. If you make this number too short, the bot will interupt your cast with its next command. If you make this number too large... it will add un-needed delay to the bot and it will stay paused after it has casted for what ever length of extra time you gave it. Keep in mind... the pulling or force ship initial pull options need extra delay so your character has timer to run in range and use the pulling function. Another useful tip is that you can assign your pet only attack to ALT+F8 and set the delay to 5000-6000 and your pet will always attack first, then you will join in. Force chip initial pull needs to be set to at least 3000-4000. This fixes the out of range issues and gives your character time to run in range to use the force chips.

|30| recast timer in minutes OR seconds
The two digit number is always in minutes OR seconds... Easy enough to be said like so, IF it is a BUFF... it is in minutes... everything else is in seconds. This is simply the recast timer. It will not reuse that skill until the timer is up. You can either use this for a cooldown timer, or you cna use this for a recast timer for your buffs.

Vista users... UAC is not your friend... UAC = User Account Control. This is a very cool and neat part of vista that prevents potentially malicious software from accessing and changing stuff on your PC without your permission. With this enabled, the bot will not be able to inject commands to Rappelz unless the bot is run with administrator privilages. This means you will either have to rightclick on the bot and run as adminitrator every time you run it... or you will have to disable UAC in Control Panel / User Accounts / Turn User Account Control on or off. I have left detailed instructions on page 96.

Windows XP users... I have come to the conclusion that my bot works way better on Vista than it does on windows XP, This is due to Windows XP wanting to BLAST through the script at lightning speeds. I will have to add additional delay on an OS toggle or something to repair the bot. If you are using Windows XP and a particular function does not work on my bot please post so I know. I know the bot does not work correctly on my Windows XP machine.

I am very open minded about modifications and bug reports. If you see something you do not think is supposed to happen or if you know of a way of doing a function that might be better than what I already have, then please post it. If you do have an idea, please do all you can to fully explain it. I am kind of new to Rappelz, so I do not know a whole lot about how differnt skills work in the game.

Please do not ask me to post my code or source. I have no problem explaining how certain functions inside my program work; however, it is my program I spent months of time writing. I do not want clones floating arround stealing my hard earned credit.

- First release i removed the word BETA from... and for a good reason.
- Check the buttons the bot uses really close... yes I changed some.
- Wow... just plain wow... it took me a long time to write this version

- repaired the breeder casted buffs... was using F12 for both instead of F11 and F12
- Added 8 new german bot-traps.

- repaired the 8 new German bot-traps, I made a big oops.
- Added 4 new English bot-traps

- yes... it works

- Added the windows XP delay back into the bot, on the Battle & Misc tab last option. The value can be a 4 digit number, but I only recommend between 10 and 250 on the delay as it is in miliseconds 1000 = 1 second. This value is after every pixelsearch function in the bot and is used to make Windows XP wait until the pixelsearch function has actually assigned an array value to the variable.
- I also cleaned up some of the text in the GUI.

- Que the drum-roll...........................................
The bot now moves West and East within a defined rectangular field. You must aim the camera straight north and place it overhead so it is looking down on your character. This is a manditory feature, so you must set it up to use the bot. You simply stand in the North Western corner of your defined field and type /position and record the values in the Battle and Misc tab... then you go to the South Eastern corner of your defined field and type /position and record that value in the Battle and Misc tab. Now the bot will move West and East in this defined rectangle... if the bot happens to travel outside of the rectangle on the north or south side it will move back within the rectangle. If it ventures past the east or west sides it will start walking the opposite direction. Be very careful as its movement is very robotic. In time I will improve its movement and make it appear more natural.

-Now moves in 8 directions and I repaired the script... sorry, had used a set of variables twice and was causing a permanent Left movement. The movement is still very robotic so take care when using.

sometimes you just want to kick yourself... and this is one of those times... I shortened the clicks so you did not select your pet or yourself on lower resolutions.

- repaired the 1024x768 code... i think....
- i also changed a value that declared how the system is to react to the text injection... let me know.

Wordmaker V4
- I am aware that workdmaker does not work for some... please be patient as the bot itself is my main focus. I will venture back into wordmaker in the future and try to repair it.

**INSTRUCTIONS for wordmaker:

when you run wordmaker it will tell you what to do...

You must be logged into Rappelz prior to running wordmaker.

run wordmaker, it will target yourself in order to find the target box. FYI... wordmake DOES NOT have a GUI. It is 99.9% tooltips and about 0.1% popup input box. follow the tooltips as they give detailed instructions, wordmaker will pause after it has found the target window and the tooltip box will provide the next instructions

"Target a BOT-TRAP and Press INSERT to begin"

well................... do what it says. Target a bot-trap and press INSERT when you are ready for it to begin.

wordmaker will popup a box that will ask you to input the name fo the bot-trap you have targeted... well, don't be shy... do what it says and when you are done press OK.

READING/WRITING will flash in the tooltip box until it is done reading the word and writing it to a .txt file.

"Done! Exiting Program" will be displayed for a brief second when wordmaker is done reading/writing the bot-trap's name. Yes it is done and yes it closed wordmaker. If you have more than one bot-trap just restrat wordmaker and restart the process. You do not have to move or delete.txt file as wordmaker appends it, it will not delete what is already there. It will simply add the next bot-trap after what it has already written.

This .txt file is always written in the same folder as the wordmaker application and will always be named wordmaker.txt. Just open this file and copy/paste the contents in a post in these forums so I can have the information, but please do not use code boxes... They remove any variables with a $ infront of them and just give me more work to add them back in. Just make sure to specify what language client it is for... some bot-traps have the same name in more than one client, but will only work on one. The fonts are different on the different language clients, so NO the English Megaloceros bot-trap detection on my bot does not work on the German client even though it is spelled the same, and the English Yak does not work with the French client in the same respect.


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Hey could you get me a link for this bot please. I am excited that there are bots but your like expired.

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Thanks for the release. I really appreciate it!

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